• Length : 12' to 16'


If you are on the hunt for a portable utility boat we feel that a Jon boat is the best choice. Often overlooked by many customers searching for a boat with a  traditional shape, Jon boats are more stable and draw less water than conventional V-hull utility boats. Their overbuilt construction ensures that they will last your life time with little (or no) maintenance.

Alumacraft builds small riveted Jon Boats in about a dozen styles and sizes. We stock the four models that are most frequently requested in our south-western Ontario region.

The 1236 Jon is easy to handle out of the water and fits in the bed of a standard long box pick up truck. This boat is at home on ponds, streams and back bays wherever a light weight, stable boat is needed.  Weighing just 125 lbs, two guys can drag this boat out of the water and carry it to a nearby truck or utility trailer.

Measuring 12′ long by 55″ wide, the 1236 Jon can handle outboard motors up to 10 hp and can safely carry 3 people or 540 lbs.

The 1436 Jon is by far our best selling size. With a centerline length of 14′ and the same 55″ beam, the 1436 Jon tips the scales at 180 lbs. The payload capacity increases to 3 people or 620 lbs and the horse power rating is increased to 15 (although a 9.9 hp outboard is a fine match for most people’s needs).

The 1542 Jon gives you a little more room to spread out and is a better choice if you expect to frequently have 3 adults on board. The 1542 Jon measures 15′ long with a 62″ beam. With a dry weight of 240 lbs this boat is best suited as a trailer boat. The horse power rating is 25 but we have found that this boat performs well with a 15 or 20 hp four stroke. The carrying capacity increases to 775 lbs with the wider footprint offered by the 1542 Jon’s hull.

All three of these models are traditional flat bottom Jon boats with 15″ high transoms suited for short shaft outboard motors.

If you are looking for a little more boat than this, consider the Alumacraft MV 1648. With a modified V bow and more freeboard, the MV 1648 can handle the chop of Long Point Bay but still get you into the marsh once you’ve crossed the bay. Rated for a maximum of 35 hp, a 20 hp four stroke is a suitable choice. If you prefer quicker planing times and the ability to carry heavier loads, consider Evinrude’s 25 hp E-Tec.

With the added freeboard of the MV 1648, we stock this model with the safer 20″ transom which pairs with a long shaft outboard motor. The MV 1648 is available from Alumacraft with 4 variations to the floorplan. We find the “Split Seat Aft” layout suits most sportsman the best. Split rear seats allow the driver to sit comfortably on a partial angle without the need to twist their upper body, helping to reduce fatigue. The center seat provides a handy storage compartment as well. Other floor plan choices are available by special order.

Many commercial users or island cottage owners are looking for maximum floor space with minimal need for additional seats. These customers might prefer the MV 1648 with No Center Seat (NCS). By eliminating the center seat and increasing the size of the forward casting deck, the MV 1648 NCS has a large, open floor space suitable for carrying cargo to a hunt camp, a job site or a remote cottage.

The MV 1648 weighs 320 lbs. With a 16′ centerline and a 70″ beam, we recommend a 1,200 lb bunk trailer to partner with this hull.

Our everyday low prices for these models are:

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