• Engine : Evinrude 25 / 30
  • HP : 25 / 30


There might not be a better application for a modern direct injected two cycle outboard than the 25 to 30 hp segment. These outboards are a very popular choice for 16′ tiller steered aluminum fishing boats. Boats of this style carry a lot of weight astern. Fuel tanks, batteries, the operator and, of course the outboard are all located in close proximity at the stern of the boat. That said, this style of boat requires brisk acceleration to break the hull free to reach plane.

While a 25 or 30 hp E-Tec isn’t any lighter than the four cycle competition, they do have the luxury of making power on every stroke which allows them to pull the boat up out of the water much quicker. The added torque of the direct injected E-Tec also means that the power doesn’t fall flat when you bring a 3rd person along.

The 25 and 30 hp E-Tecs are each available in almost a dozen variations. Hands down, our best selling models are the 20″ shaft versions with electric start, power trim & tilt and tiller handle steering. These outboards offer a nifty low speed idle feature that is electronically controlled, allowing you to dial in the perfect trolling speed with the push of a button knowing your outboard will maintain that throttle setting indefinitely. Push button start, power tilt, throttle and shift functions are also conveniently located on Evinrude’s impressive tiller handle that we feel is the best in the business.

As feature rich and sophisticated as they have become, outboards in this size category are no longer considered portable. With that in mind, Evinrude 25 and 30 hp electric start, power trim models bolt securely and permanently to the transom of your boat with four 1/2″ diameter stainless steel bolts.