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Competing in a sea of in-line 4 cylinder four strokes, the Evinrude 90 High Output and 115 E-Tecs are the only V-4 outboards on the market today. Why a V-4 engine block? A V design offers smoothness and torque that the in-line blocks can’t match. And because a V-4 block is two cylinders “wide” and only 2 cylinders high, the center of gravity is lower. This also makes V-4s easier to fish over, easier to wrestle a ski rope around, and what little engine noise they make doesn’t travel forward into the boat because the powerhead is lower to the water.

The 115 E-Tec has been a favourite of ours for over 10 years now. It has a proven track record of dependability and a smoothness that is simply unmatched in its class. Whether you want to tour around in a pontoon boat, troll for walleye or take the kids skiing all day, Evinrude’s 115 V-4 can do it all.