• HP : 75 / 90 / 115


Reinvented from scratch in 2015, Mercury’s single overhead cam 4 cylinder engine grew 20% in displacement and dropped 40 pounds while gaining more torque making it a serious performance outboard in the popular mid-size outboard market.

Every brand on the market today builds quality products. Reliability and fuel economy are almost taken for granted as outboard products become so refined. That said, in the crowded 75 – 115 hp four stroke segment we don’t think that any other outboard can outperform Mercury’s current offering.

We package these outboards on everything from our wide beam 16′ aluminum runabouts to 18 1/2′ Crestliner family fishing boats and 23′ pontoon boats.

For high thrust applications, consider Mercury’s Command Thrust models. With a larger diameter gearcase, the Command Thrust outboards have 20% more propeller blade area and are better suited for heavier boats offering enhanced maneuverability and more low end power than the conventional lower unit which is better suited for lighter boats and applications that favour less drag and more top speed.

When repowering your boat there is much more to consider than just horse power and brand. See us first to help guide you to the products that will pair best with your hull size and boating style.