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If you are shopping for a boat trailer for your aluminum fishing boat there are lots of brands to consider. Over the years we have sold small boat trailers from most of the leading manufacturers but our preferred compact trailer brand is Shoreland’r.

Our best selling compact Shoreland’r model is the SLB10TM. This trailer has a 1,000 lb load carrying capacity and can handle most open aluminum utility boats up to about 15 feet long. It sells for $1,199.00. We often have the same trailer on hand with a longer tongue that can accommodate boats up to about 16′ or 17′. It sells for the same price. We include a tongue jack with both of these models for no extra charge.

If you are looking for a little more trailer than this, the next trailer up the ladder is the SLB12TM. Rated to carry 1,200 lbs, this trailer has a frame that’s a foot wider and two feet longer than the smaller SLB10TM. At $1,599.00, this trailer is not only larger but also includes added features like welded tubular cross members, Bearing Buddies, a keel roller, a more robust winch mast and LED lights. We feel that it’s a better deal than the value priced SLB10TM.

Of course we sell Shoreland’r trailers in many sizes for larger runabouts too but these smaller trailers are our most popular models and tend to be in stock pretty much all year round.